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Palluc's Group offers you a contact form where you can send any question, or incidence to sales departmenttechnical support or administration . If you want to visit us you can find our office on this location . Also can call  to phone or fax.

Of course you can find us on social networks:

This Web also has a wide range of content and downloadables which to take advantage for FREEt. Try it and tell us what you think, because your opinion matters for us.


Through these links you can download Free trials of our products, sample XTF templates very useful in the business environment , as well as manuals and tutorials to help you use our products. Can also be generated a totally free test of Ulindi digital certificate.

DEMO Environment

Our demo environment GDA or Portafirmas offer a comprehensive view of the different products of Palluc: XWord, document management, templates, signature technology, etc.



"Plataforma de Palluc para que cualquier PYME tenga sus propios certificados y la firma electrónica."

Para obtener mas información sobre Ulindi, póngase en contacto con nosotros desde el siguiente enlace:

Nos pondremos en contacto con usted con la mayor brevedad posible.