Home Store Sales 2x1 Offer: Website + online Shop

OFERTA: 2 x 1


"You sell more in a globalized world results in offering the services available to the company on the Internet. Palluc proposes the use of the whole package of web portal services and online store."

To get a good portal services and not merely a business online card is necessary to analyze your business need. Your product catalog, news and promotions of the company will becomes available on the web.

The important in a website is not aesthetics or development. It is to know all the potential to transform your business has on the Internet. The service offered covers:

  • Business analysis and determination of the solution
  • Implementation of the solution
  • Hosting and Cloud Services
  • Aesthetic customization
  • Marketing online and viral expansion

Palluc Communication solutions detail technical and functional characteristics that can incorporate the package 2 in 1 Internet notoriety offered:

  •   Web Portal
  •   e-commerce
  •   Liferay
  •   Services in the cloud or cloud computing