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flecha X-Word: Key Benefits


"Simple free text editor that eliminates paper. It includes full text editing, dynamic and intelligent forms and electronic signature. Make your job easier"

cuadrado y flecha superior Fou You

X-Word is a simple and intuitive word processorfor FREE. Because Palluc want to present it to you.

Make your life  Ease:

 1st. Create your documents easily. No more is needed.

  2nd. Work together. Share your documents.

3º. Sing electronically your documents for increased security and integrity. Create your own signature circuit with your collaborators.


If you want to convert and sign PDF documents and interact with others Dynamic Forms, purchase the XP-Word .


cuadrado y flecha superior For SMEs PYMES (small & medium entreprises)

Earn more money with the X-Word. Save licensing costs your word processor.

Simplify your organization works with electronic signatures. Palluc gives a digital certificates for members of your company, with no obligations.

TIP 1:

Improve your productivity with dynamic forms. Look at example of centralized purchasing and minutes of meeting . XP-Word allows intelligent and standardized processes of your organization.

TIP 2:

Centralize on your website the documents repository ( files on a Document  Management System ), incorporating workflow and collaborative Electronic Signature Workflow. Palluc makes this possible .


cuadrado y flecha superior For Public Administration & Big Companies

Innovate and offer more functionality with intuitive XP-Word as editor of dynamic forms.

Simplify your online environments using the functions of the XTF.

Based on XML and the accepted standards. More detail in Technical Information .

These are advanced features that let you:

Automatically converts (ADVICE #1) to :

  • Commonly & starndar used document formats (DOC, PDF, RTF, TXT, HTML, ODF)

      • Dynamic forms most used (PDF, HTML).

Dynamically create your documents and integrate them into your business management software.  (ADVICE #2)

Make easy the work with your players (users, clients, suppliers, citizens, etc ...) with the dynamic forms. (ADVICE #3)

Paperless with losing performans :

  • XTF Documents. (ADVICE #4)

  • Electronic Signature. Multiformat: PDF and XTF (ADVICE #5)

  • Integrated workflow. (ADVICE #6)

  • Convert to starndard formats (PDF) (ADVICE #7)

  • Store on Documents Management Systems (ADVICE #8).

TIP 1:

The advanced conversion functionality is available in XP-Word . Palluc can package and customize it to your organization. Look at with no commitment the possibilities we offer