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flecha Gen-t: Key Benefits


"Proximity channel that aimed to create a bond between the end user and the product owner. Groups all content or services that a provider can offer a comfortable and simple to end users."

All at a click of Guide-t

From the Gent-t guide, we have instant access to all the content you want to offer, from simple applications to documents, through links to Web pages and RSS news format.

Always up to date with Update-t

One of the great advantages of using the Gen-t is the instant information to users about new product updates each user has installed on their computer. The way of communication with users is straightforward, thanks to the play of colors that allow us to see the status of each application. It was also informed by pop-up alerts that appear next to the Windows clock.

Adapted to the future by Install-t

Besides allowing a user to update their applications, also it offers the possibility for the user to acquire new products. These new products will be notified by email and bright colors.

Continuously updated by RSS

Another major additions of Gen-t is that it can act as an RSS client so that users can be continuously receiving information about news and offers ...

Set up Gen-t to your needs

To provide a better working environment for each user, customization of Gen-t is allowed, providing the user the ability to change from the language of the application to the type of Internet connection, through color, Application Paths External used, backup...