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flecha GDF: Key Benefits


"GesDataForm is a tool created to generate self-assessments. Also telematic administrative processes. It can generate complex telematic webs, so soon and automated."

Ease of use

The application offers a simple and intuitive interface to be used by anyone, regardless of their level and computer skills

Rapidity of creation

Code reuse. It has a repository of information, which it feeds to create telematics web pages.
When you need to generate a new page does not develop a new code. Yo go to the information store where you keep the templates, and uses those required in each case.


Include validation functions in your forms. It provides a repository of common testing functions, in addition to authorize the administrator to include those that are specific to your business area or any other area in need.


Complete the information on your forms with attachments. You can add to your forms the ability to attach a file that will be sent along with the rest of the information. Files with extensions allowed are: .PDF, .TXT and .DOC. In others you can choose whether to send the file is mandatory or optional.

Digital Signature Envirenment

Make your telematic processes more secure providing them with digital signature. Organizations that identy personnel with digital signatures have control of all entries (data, people, documents,...).

Automatic generation

Generation and publishing process automated on server. The application is able to generate the necessary code automatically from forms, validations and documents. Then, it is integrated into a servlet and launched on a web server. Then you can start to work, obtaining a complete web environment and management of information.


The GDF supports OC4J and Tomcat servers, the two most currently used servers. As for databases, it supports Oracle and Interbase schemes. It also allows connections with ERP software.

Notice of submission

Get maximum legal guarantee. Get proof of submission. You can digitally sign documetos graphics and accompany with security codes. Provides full authenticity.