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tforms: the one for papeless


"tforms is the only market environment enabling a real paperless, increasing company profits"

We recognize what we propose (advantages of tforms) does not generate headlines, but who get gain much. And tforms can win:

  • 15% savings in administrative costs every year and forever to be able to eliminate paper and streamline bureaucracy.
  •  5% on sales by making viable and automated administrative internet exchange (firm orders, contracts preparation, delivery invoices, certification, sending cards, ...) with all the legal guarantees.
  •  Additional 5% savings by implementing collaborative work on your network (employees, customers, suppliers) enabling participation in real time from anywhere in the world. They can create, modify and consult any document from the internet with the advantages that entails (universal access, centralized archiving, security and access control, backups, ...).
By using less paper, we make the world more sustainable.

If your organization needs to reduce costs significantly and continuously, or if you are interested in selling to the world, or to be more efficient and organized, or just want a more sustainable world, we propose

  • Tforms create and manage documents in a simple and automated.
  • Getting your IT systems integrate the advantages of tforms.
  • Implement intelligent electronic signature systems (Portafirmas) modules integrated with HSM (Hardware Security Module)
  • Use your website to spearhead savings and efficiency.
  • Create and manage your community. Integrate your network and collaborative work in their IT systems.
  • Digitize documents.
  • Implement document management, integrated into your IT systems, such as media file via internet
We are sure you can win more, go further and be more comfortable in this world.