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The most innovative                                                


"tForms brings small innovations which will make you progress faster"

Sometimes (or ever), great advances are produced with small objects that facilitate our lives. We are not referring to the great inventions as the wheel, fire, agriculture, penicillin or Internet. It is more modest as:

  • Lift: allows interconnection buildings day by day higher.
  • Postal stamp: it allows standardization of communication.
  • Microscope is an important part of scientific developments.
  • Eyeglass makes everyone, and in any situation, see better.
  • Typewriter: enables the automation of writing.
  • Paper: the writing base, communication and history.
  • Traffic light: let  traffic management.
  • Pen: the democratization of writing.

They are simple and everyday used elements. They are important to go on our lifestyle.

In this sense, innovations which incorporate the tForms are basically:

  • tPaper is a simple, complete and convertable XML format.
  • It works online and local, can switch from one to another with a single click.
  • It is both a word processor and a viewer of dynamic forms. For all.
  • It can be used interchangeably by machines (XML) and people (editors). For all
  • It has everything you need, such as electronic signatures to eliminate paper.
  • To be autonomous, compact, convertible, it makes electronic archiving viable.

They are simple and seemingly unremarkable elements. But all of them, with the union of their forces and their intensive use, we can get rid of bureaucracy, paper and allow universal collaborative work. We are talking about the organization of the future: faster with lower costs.

That is, the great advantages of tForms are:

  • Having the advantages of paper (understanding, ergonomics, interface, archive) we can stop using it.
  • It does the administrative exchange on Internet viable.
  • It allows universal collaborative work.

Returning to the previous examples of innovation, in our point of view,  the different components of tForms may be comparable to::

  • tPaper = paper.
  • X-Word = pen.
  • XP-Word = typewriter.
  • Web Services = stamps.
  • Components Integration = lift.
  • Customization = eyeglasses.

 tForms can do the job well, easier and faster. We just want to improve  the lives of people.