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"The Palluc product or set of apps or ad-hoc developed systems enable seamless integration with any ERP, CRM or CMS market"

cuadrado y flecha superior What does it consist of

It is essential that the Hardware-Software infrestructura organization is integrated, customizable and fits like a glove to the reality of each moment. To do this, the computer programs that get these goals are called:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Its scope includes all dealings with our customers and marketing (accounts, contacts, campaigns, orders, and any information that is aimed at generating income).

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). It is responsible for conducting the management of the organization and activity ranging from product realization to the financial part of the entity.

ECM (Enterprise Content Management). It deals with the electronic file of the organization in collaboration with previous systems. It also incorporates elements of workflow (work-flow) and interactive elements (publication, delivery, acceptance, rejection, etc ..) existing content between different members of the organization.

Considering the size of the organization and its management needs, palluc choose the most appropriate tools. The main idea is to ensure that the tasks of the organization are effective and not redundant.

Palluc incorporates added value technology (Get on nuebe, eliminating paper) for negecocios expectations and cost savings is at least 25% more efficient (increased revenues, reduced costs) than at present. We guarantee it.


cuadrado y flecha superior Like a glove. Advantages of Palluc

In Palluc have multidisciplinary teams (advisors, consultants, computer sciences, technical system) covering the following phases:

Functional definition of customer needs.

Project Coordination.

Installation and training applications.

Own comprehensive support and office applications.

Advice on assessment and continuous improvement of processes.

Once completed initial study of basic customer needs, palluc proposes a particular software platform (CRN, ERP, ECM) that best fits. Projects do not want to sell but implement solutions. In Palluc always we choose the best option. We do not rely on manufacturers or software distributors.


cuadrado y flecha superior Implementation modules

As a guideline, the modules that can be incorporated into the organization so that your software could be integrated:

Marketing, Sales and Service.


Purchasing and Logistics

Planning and Production

Project management

Finance and accounting.

Budget and Analytical.

Project management

Business Intelligence and Scorecards.

CRM solutions.

Document Management and Workflow


cuadrado y flecha superior Technology Palluc

Also, for the organization to reach most market excellence Palluc apply the following technology:

Tforms environment. To create and manage intelligent documents.

Palluc signature. For the signing of the documents is something real, simple and intuitive.

Ulindi CA. Identifies members of the Organization without charges or bureaucracies.

Digitization. Smart scan quickly and your papers.

GDA (Open Document Management). And share files with your teammates utilizais documents.

In Palluc we offer the best integrated solution on the market. Guaranteed.