flecha FAMILY: Monitoring & Blocking


"Secure Internet access to their employees does not jeopardize the integrity and security of the company. Do not lose data and prevent theft of confidential information of your company".

cuadrado y flecha superior Targets

The monitoring and blocking software can monitor any local network, I providing detailed information on what their network users do, as well as when and how.

The program consists of two parts: server and client. The server part can be installed on any computer on the local area network. The remote software (Agent) is the client part of the program that is installed on all computers on the network to be controlled.

Any computer on the network can be monitored remotely. You can configure this monitoring program so that record the activities of all computers on the network. This information can then be used for more detailed analysis and reporting.

The monitoring and blocking software has demonstrated excellent efficacy with the increased overall productivity of organizations where it has been installed to monitor local networks. This powerful tool allows you to save your money, generates true inforamtion of what each agent does and avoid setbacks.


cuadrado y flecha superior Features

Remote desktop display.

Easy control of Internet use. Internet browsing history. Control and real-time recording of all URLs visited through the Web browser.

Control the use of real-time programs. You can know what programs and for how long the user network have been used throughout the day.

Activity log of all positions of work in a centralized location.

Control of key presses any user from the computer screen in real time.

Control copy files to mobile devices.

Screenshots of remote computers via a scheduled task. Easy monitoring without being present. Chronological history of activities in archives in JPEG format on your computer.

Screenshots of all computers are stored in a centralized location on the host computer.

Full control of networked computers. Remote process management, command, copying files. Remote shutdown or reboot.

Remote deployment monitoring agent from the computer administrator on every computer on the network.

Automatic detection of all network computers that have installed the monitoring agent.

Viewing logs and export reports in HTML, Excel, CSV formats.


cuadrado y flecha superior Advantages.

It increases employee productivity immediately

Intuitive and easy to understand

Monitoring activities in real time

Central database of records used to store data of all computers in one location

Intelligent modules for analysis and reporting. Advanced export

Controlled unnoticed users

It works with all Windows platforms