flecha pSIGNA: Key Benefits


"The most easy to use electronic Folder of Signatures on Cloud. Eliminate the use of paper thanks to advanced electronic signatures in PDF and XML"

Sign electronic documents easily and properly

With its simple interface, you can sign any document by adding information such as your name, your company’s position, the reason, etc.

Secure Guaranteed

Thanks to the process of password and digital certificate, the pSIGNA guarantees integrity and security of the signatures on documents. It avoids errors or subsequent refusals by the signatories.


Save time and money

The electronic signature avoids unnecessary journeys and costs to users. They can do other professional activities instead of going to sign documents somewhere.


It facilitates the work of companies

Business agility is the goal. Rapid processing of documents improves management and collaboration between companies and their partners or customers. It empowers an economic benefit for all.


Entire Signed documents

Signed documents are stored in a secure hard drive as proof of their integrity, thus ensuring the validation of them.


Sign any document

wSIGNA is useful to certify any type of document such as invoices and product sales, expenses,… whatever you have to ensure traceability.