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CloudSigna: eIDAS mobile platform


"CloudSigna is a web platform for PDF and XAdES signature designed by Palluc Group’s. CloudSigna works on Tablet, Smartphone and PC, with easy and centralized management of key or Digital Certificate".

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CloudSigna via ULINDI is a signature platform that is aimed at individuals, small business and corporate environments in both Cloud and Intranet (local server). Perfect for those ones wish to implement electronic signatures in their network. It is said: managers, employees, coworkers, customers, suppliers, partners, etc.

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CloudSigna is a standardized solution and lower cost and impact of implementation on an organization in their both version: Cloud or corporate servers.

How it Works

CloudSigna works via its platform. General and worldwide well know application launch e-signature processes through web services. Then, users access vía CloudSigna web platform to view, re-view and sign their documents.

The following figure shows how users interact with software application in order to e-sing with their digital certificates through by means of CloudSigna.




The benefits of implementing this solution are:

  • The certificates are centrally safe-keeping
  • CloudSigna is multidevice (tablet, Smartphone, PC ..) and multiplatform (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS ..)
  • All you need is an Internet access
  • CloudSigna platform firm works in cloud or corporate
  • It allows to create own internal certificates or 3th parties

Modules at CloudSigna Platform

It is divided into two interfaces:

    • For applications:
        CloudSigna (via ULINDI) offers several web services in order to check status, e-sign and manage tasks or/and documents. As well as generate copies to be printed or launching batch signature. CloudSigna fit perfectly in your business process.
    • For users:
        CloudSigna offers a powerful interface friendly with desktop and mobile devices that e-sign any type of document (PDF, Word, Excel ...) using most trustworthy extensions (XAdES-XL, PAdES LTV,…) and methods (i.e., biometics).

      CloudSigna software algorithm engine lets users to perform centralized signature processes, cloud signature, signature on cryptographic cards, biometric signature and signature with local certificates

      CloudSigna (via ULINDI), has a powerful release, called pSigna, which provides comprehensive management of tasks signature generated by different external or corporate applications through the integration of web services.

      CloudSigna (via ULINDI) lets you import/export and management of Digital Certificates (DC) , came from other third parties.

      CloudSigna allows you custody your certificates in the Cloud because they are stored in HSM (Hardware Security Modules) or HSM virtualized via Internet which are a IT device that generate certificates with extra safety barriers. Those HSM devices can be either integrated by CryptoPalluc HSM Appliance or external using standard protocols (PKCS # 11, OpenSSL, Java (JCE), Microsoft CAPI) or SOA interfaces. Certificates stored on the SSM or HSM can be generated through an own PKI or external CA through petitions to CSR (Certificate Signing Request).

      The chat of ULINDI allows you to transmit easily information between contacts both registered on ULINDI or not. Use it for any incident, track issue, comment related to the task of signing or otherwise.

      Signature types supported

      CloudSigna accepts all types of e-signature established in the both National and International legislative framework. For this, according to Act 59/2003 of December 19, these are their properties:

      • Advanced electronic signature: an e-signature which identifies the signatory and detects any subsequent change in the signed data, which is linked to a unique signatory. This data has been created by means that the signatory can maintain under his sole control. You can e-sign using ULINDI certificates or own corporate certificates.
      • Recognized electronic signature: is the advanced electronic signature based on an avowed and commonly accepted certificate. This Recognized e-signature is generated by a secure signature creation device. ULINDI Lets you import certificates or use recognized by the Java applet. Moreover, using ULINDI, if between parties it is accept other forms of signature or electronic authentication not so much widespread, this should be stated.

      One of these eSignature types supportid are:.

      • Electronic identification for governments: Allows integration of authentication systems as Cl@ve, PIN 24 horas o DNI-nb, Clau.
      • Biometric Signature: CloudSigna has the ability to perform and attach biometric or holographic signature for those customers who likes traditional paradigm, allowing them to stamp on documents a representation of his Digitized signature in a document electronically signed by their Electronic Certificate. CloudSigna use a HSM server to ensure no changes after first time it was signed. The biometric signature is compatible with PDF document’s signed by adding more safety properties bringing a hologram display of the handwritten signature with Electronic Certification.

      License Types

      CloudSigna signature platform is available in SaaS or PaaS version and it scalable according to the size of the project, getting an ad hoc product according to customer needs and budgets.

      Because Palluc’s Group is own and software developer of CloudSigna, we can ensure your deeply customization with other applications both front and back end.

      The platform modules can be licensed individually or grouped, leading to other solutions signature of great interest to companies or administrations, like:

      • Custody certified HSM using Java application: Palluc’s solution allow any business company to integrate any own application: ERP, ECM, Web, Intranet, etc. By our Web Services any application, regardless of the technology is developed, could make use of the functionality of PDF signature, XAdES signature, Creation/Import/Export of Digital Certificates, etc .. This solution is available for PaaS version or SaaS via cloud computing. The following figure shows how a user would interact with their digital certificate stored in the SSM.
      • Custodia de certificados en HSM para uso por cualquier aplicación JAVA: ADespite the fact it is infrequent and much more complex, Palluc allows use of its CloudSigna signature technology platform and custody certificates in the SSM for JAVA applications. The following figure shows how it should modify each JAVA application letting your Electronic Certificates.
      • CCustody certified via HSM for uses in web browser