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pSigna: The Signature's Folder in a Web Platform


"Using the concept of signature folder, the Palluc’s Portafirmas accessing via Internet can optimize the bureaucratic processes of signing documents. It is practical, simple, customizable and intuitive."

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The Palluc’s Portafirmas, called pSigna, is a module of CloudSigna web platform that allows you for one or multiple singing in a flexible, fast and easy way. It uses XAdES-XL signature, PAdES-LTV-XTF or XML technology

Click Here!!! and you try it out. You will accesses to an evaluating version. You will authenticate with your Ulindi CA, and will get the pSigna.

In his Cloud version, the portafirmas displays in any mobile device (Smartphone, tablet,…) and platform (Android, iOS, WindowsPhone,…). It makes easy to perform tasks which are urgent to signed and do it anywhere.

Portafirmas is composed of these main modules we detailed below:

  • Document Viewer: Useful for authentication, signing and verification
  • Tray signatures: Allows for interact and sign documents digitally
  • Services signature: Portafirmas fit with any management tool or ERP software sold on the market: SAP, Oracle Fusion, Microsoft Navision, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, etc.

cuadrado y flecha superior Architecture

It is developed by three layers. For presentation layer is used JSF JAVA technology. For other application integration is used a spring framework. For database implementation is used Hibernate.

cuadrado y flecha superior Document Viewer

EThe document viewer includes all the technology for digital signing of documents, authenticity verification, obtaining original document, user authentication. All you need is an electronic certificate which Palluc can get you. All of these features are possible thanks to integration standard cryptographic tools such as Arangi ACCV, MITyC e-signature,…, running with the Java Bouncy Castle.

The viewer can work with all kinds of document extension: .PDF, .DOC, .XLS, .PPT, .ODT,. XTF ... and support all standard signature: XADES in all its forms (particularly XAdES-XL), PKCS7, PADES, XML Signature, Tforms and PDF.

cuadrado y flecha superior Palluc Signature’s tray.

The pending of document to be sign mailbox not require store or manage user information. Because the fact of having a recognized certificate, you will have access to Portafirmas and display documents pending of signature.

The mailbox of signature is organized by configurable folders to facilitate signing. It will seem to a traditional Portafirmas but more accessible and easy to bring from IT devices.

Users can perform the following actions:

View the document signing

Sign individually or in block

Enter signing comment

Reject individually or in block

Check the validity of the signatures made

Download the signed document and the original document

The types of signature or signed workflow supported by the portafirmas are three:

Sequential: Where the list of signatories and the order of signature are indicated. The mail signature is moving the paper trays between different users

Parallel: Where only the list of signatory states and may enter in any order. The document is accessible by all users, blocking the document at the time of signing.

Unattended: If the list of signatories match FRS certificates held by the portafirmas, the firm is done automatically. .

cuadrado y flecha superior Signature Services (WS).

Web services can integrate the firm portafirmas Palluc with any software or ERP market. The WS allow you to interact with the applications that manage documents using the API defined by SOAP services. The services available are:

Send document to sign

Send a document to sign unattended

Check Status of signatures document

Retrieve Document

Cancel the signature circuit

Generate a PDF copy verifiable information of the signatories and BIDI codes to be verified in environments custody of documents type "electronic office"

cuadrado y flecha superior Fitting like a glove.

Palluc’s Team is not only a product seller. We implement solutions to our customers. Therefore, we propose the following added values:

Aesthetic and functional customization of pSigna to your organization.

Custom development for bringing 100% of the required functionality

Connection and intelligent integration with IT infrastructure such as your ERP

Implementation of document management environments and workflows

Do not hesitate on contact Palluc for your electronically and paperless signature processes. Ask for your personalized study. No commitment.

Your Organization will become innovative, profitable and will bring concern for the environment.