CloudSigna via NFC


"Electronic Signature works with Near Field Communication. Authentication and signature"

Integrated environment with: customer’s APP, intermediate layer of Server and Hardware modules. It offers significant savings in companies with high generation of documents to be signed by their clients. It fits perfectly to financial companies and allows savings on paper and expensive peripherals, but also, makes better customer services.


HW: Smartphone with NFC

SW: "pSIGNA" is an Android’s App which clients are authenticated and sign documents: receipts, contracts, shoppings, ...

HW-SW: Signature Device Module to interconnect Banking ERP services via Android NFC’s App to allow the eSignature

SW: SOA Services platform for banking services

SW: Electronic Office or online document management system

Practical operation (Banking services)

Smartphone of client gets closer of NFC receiver

The application, pSIGNA, is sent directly via Bluetooth or downloaded by their Market (Google Play).

Their identity is configured

Bank operator carries out a new operation in their system and generates the document to be signed: transfer, income, abstract, etc.

Send to customer a the document to be signed

Connection module receives data from the document to be signed

The customer’s Smartphone brings closer to signature terminal

The pSIGNA application opens, show the document to be signed and offers two option buttons: sign and reject.

Client signs the operation

The signature terminal receives the document and addresses it to the ERP

The signature terminal sends a new message to pSIGNA and informs about the URL where you can access to electronic office and download any detail in any of your devices.


Identity of the user is unique, and belong Smartphone’s owner and its user certificate

Only approaching Smartphone to terminal signing it starts working (less than 10 cm)