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Keys or digital certificates safekeeping.


"Centralized management of Digital Certificates in HSM device makes feasible the use of digital signatures. It lets you centralized signing on cloud to sing any document on any device, mobile or station."

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La plataforma de firma CloudSigna signature platform uses the safe keeping of keys in the HSM device, one of them CryptoPalluc HSM. Certificates can be imported by users or generated automatically with the integrated PKI.

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CryptoPalluc HSM has hardware or software (SSM) services to store Digital Certificates (DC) without limitation, either importing or using own PKI’s. The mechanisms used are importing .p12 files or generating external PKIs via CSR requests.

Estos certificados se custodias de forma segura con un triple nivel de encriptación:

  • Master Key: Certificates can only be used on unique device.
  • Key Application: Only enabled applications can use those certificates.
  • User key: Only the user knows PIN code to unlock certificates.

Giving only the combination of the above three situations you can use the Digital Certificates (DC).

Drivers, APIs and libraries of Palluc software make application easy integration e-signature (CloudSigna) with the most prestigious market HSM:

  • CryptoPallucHSM: HSM virtualized of Palluc in the version on Cloud or Corporate
  • Thales HSM. Network or PCI version
  • SafeNet HSM. Network or PCI version
  • Cryptographic card


Signature scheme from JAVA applications


The benefits of implementing this solution are:

  • The certificates are safeguarded
  • Allowed to sign any application used in your the company
  • Minimizing communication costs
  • It allows to create own internal certificates and accepted between third parties
  • CloudSigna limitations came from your internal applications

Driver CloudSigna access to HSM


The benefits of implementing this solution are:

  • The certificates are safeguarded
  • You are permitted to use certificates from Internet Explorer and Chrome in any application
  • Allowed sign with a certain versions of Windows
  • Certificates are available within the local network: Active Directory