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CryptoPalluc's HSM


"The Solution of Palluc’s Digital Signature reduces costs and simplify management and maintenance of the Certificates".

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The CryptoPalluc’s HSM is an IT device for integrated and centralized electronic signature. It allows you to sign documents in any XML form (eXtensible Markup Languages) with digital certificates guarded in an HSM (Hardware Security Module) device. Those forms could be: XAdES, PAdES,...

Click here!!! and you can try out an evaluation version of CryptoPalluc’s HSM. You can have an Ulindi CA which is a Digital Certificate developed by Palluc’s Certification Authority (CA).

Because CloudSigna that work with certificates stored on CryptoPalluc’s HSM via Internet allows you sign anywhere. All you need is any device with standard Web browser and Internet connection, regardless of its operation system (Windows, Windows Phone OS MacOS, iOS, Linux and Android). Portafirmas access is done through username and password synchronized with the LDAP or Active Directory server in the organization where it is installed.

The managed data are stored in the most used and well-knowed data bases (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLServer).

Access to Signatures Carrier is done by username and password sync with the LDAP server or Active Directory of the organization where it is installed.

It is a high-productivity environment, scalable, balanceable, redundant and high availability. It is suitable for organizations with high demands.

CloudSigna offers a range of web services for e-signature which fit in any ERP, CRM, ECM, Website, application,...

It is the necessary tool where you can delegate the e-signature processes without troubles in your business implementation...

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CCryptoPalluc HSM is an integrated Hardware-Software solution, compact and modular. Therefore, we offer to any organization a turn-key solution. This integrated appliance (Server, HSM, PCI and preinstalled software) contains the following elements:

Hardware Server with HSM PCI.

Installed Software:

Generation and safekeeping of public and private keys

The Common Sense of CryptoPalluc’s HSM

CryptoPalluc’s HSM is designed to safely and legally resolve all processes of e-signature of documents of your network (employees, customers, suppliers, partners, collaborators, ... ).

eSing via CloudSigna: orders, quotations, invoices, contracts, payroll, notifications, summons, requirements and more and more traditional document changed into electronic documents.

Palluc apply common sense for:

Who better than you know the members of your network? Makes easy their life and create a digital certificate they can interact with you quickly and safely.

Cut costs on distribution, installation, devices, custody and maintenance of Digital Certificates using a secure storage device such as CryptoPalluc’s HSM or any other HSM on market. Do not lose security on it.

Cut costs on paperwork, archiving and custody of your electronic documents. Save lot of time over the electronic signature, Connects to all Network members wherever they are through our Portafirmas Web.

Reduce space on you office accepting e-documents. Then, e-sign them if it is required. Do not store its paper documents in stacked rows of file cabinets or in a storage room.

eSing easy and fast. Get your corporate management applications (ERP, CRM, ECM, Intranet, etc ...) to send and receive any document to your pSignature in CloudSigna Web Platform.

Do not care about operating systems and device mark’s. CryptoPalluc’s HSM supports all your task and e-sing flows because works on any platform and any IT devices available on the market. We are also very fast because we use hardware accelerators.

"We work for clients who know how to distinguish right from wrong. And if we do not achieve their expectations, it's totally our fault, plain and simple." It is said by a smart guy called Steve Jobs.

We are fully convinced that CryptoPalluc’s HSM makes feasible electronic signatures in any organization

CryptoPalluc's HSM Innovations

CryptoPalluc’s HSM appliance changes the paradigm of electronic signatures, making it feasible, both technically and economically. And it is thanks to the innovations are detailed below:

Integrated solution: Hardware and Software

Modular, scalable and high availability

Accelerating through Hw signature devices (HSM)

Incorporation EJBCA©: a PKI Certificate Authority software, built using Java (JEE) technology .

Elimination of costs of creation, distribution and installation of digital certificates. Save in storage devices

Using of standards signature (XAdES, PAdES, etc ...) .

Multiplatform (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, ...) and Multi-device (PC, Smartphone, tablet, etc ...).

Integration with any application (ERP, CRM, ECM, LDAP, Intranet, etc ...) .

All Inclusive. Very competitive prices. Pay for a digital certificate and use all Palluc’s services.