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Centralized Signature


"Centralized signature allows users to digitally sign documents from any enterprise application: ERP, ECM, Web, Intranet... with your certificate stored in the HSM device."

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CloudSigna signature platform works with the same technology used internally by the centralized signature. It could be considered as a success of external business application that makes use of centralized certified signature via HSM.

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CloudSigna allow any company to integrate capacity own signature on any application: ERP, ECM, Web, Intranet, etc. Because CloudSigna use Web services, any application can use functionality of PDF signature, XAdES signature, Creating /Import/Export/ Digital Certificates, etc …

This solution is available in corporate version or Cloud. The following image shows how a user would interact with their digital certificate stored in the SSM:


The benefits of implementing this solution are:

  • The certificates are centrally safe-keeping
  • CloudSigna allows you to sign from any application in your company
  • CloudSigna platform firm works in cloud or corporate (Local Servers)
  • It allows to create own internal certificates or 3th parties
  • The limitations mark the boundaries that have internal applications L

The storage of private keys of digital certificates can be host on any of the most prestigious in the market HSM:

  • CryptoPallucHSM: HSM virtualized of Palluc in the version on Cloud or Corporate
  • Thales HSM. Network or PCI version
  • SafeNet HSM. Network or PCI version
  • Cryptographic card