CloudSigna & Signature on Cloud


"It's the ultimate environment for electronic signatures of documents (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.) share it in the cloud for any platform and any device. Sing without barriers from everywhere."

logo cloudsignaThe signature “Maked on Cloud” is an innovative concept coined by Palluc Group’s that refer to a centralized signature process from/to web applications with certificates stored in HSM devices. The signature “Maked on Cloud” also can be understood as an electronic signature you do not need to safe on you device because work connecting you the Cloud or you local server.

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The signature “Maked on Cloud” allows e-sign in any device with an Internet data connection, without peripherals or additional software downloads to work properly. Therefore, it is enabling electronic signatures on any mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, tablets, computers, laptops ...) and any operating system (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS ...).

Among other, access to the Digital Certificates in HSM will have extra-protection by using the PIN code created by yourself and other different keys, so that using the signature accessing via the Cloud shall be required a prior registration in CloudSigna.

Entries will be made with the highest level of security. For example, in addition to introducing the username and password, either you should also provide a PIN assigned to you Electronic Certificate or other mechanisms as the single use key to that is sent to your phone by SMS or code card.