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"The relocation of businesses is a fact that in today's society requires the use of tools of electronic commerce"


  1. Connection between logistics and payment system
  2. Integration with payment gateways between entities with symmetric cryptography (3DES encryption) or asymmetric (X.509)
  3. Implementation of TPV virtual and SSL certificates for individuals, public entities or VeriSign
  4. Web solutions based on CMS content management
  5. SaaS Solutions: Installation and preparation environment
  6. Strategy and analysis: customized solutions
  7. Graphic design and multimedia
  8. Domain management and recruitment, transfers and litigation
  9. Marketing and SEO: gen-t, google integration, etc.
  10. Documentary mail, chat, forums, management Collaborative work
  11. Cloud computing: Hosting
  12. Consultancy
  13. Outsourcing
Palluc Products
  • jFirma
  • wFirma
  • TPV virtual "lacaixa"
  • Certificates VeriSign
  • Joomla CMS
  • Liferay 5.2 to 6.1
  • BD: postgreSQL and MySQL


On-line Store of Grupo Palluc: www.tforms.es

Secure access on the website of the Valencian Employment Service: www.servef.es

Generic online payment of the Ministry of Finance: www.gva.es