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"Give us a good idea and will hold. In computer science , for Palluc Group, anything is possible."


  1. Extensive knowledge: Telematic processing, grant management, support management, Thesaurus documentaries, Sef-Assetments, taxation, budgeting, accounting, training, diets, Register Cooperatives, Government procurement, Records Management, Statistics, Documentation, Occupational safety, Academic, digital legislation and mainly the elimination of paper
  2. Broad technological spectrum: Delphi, Visual Basic, .NET, JAVA, Android, iOS, PHP, Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, etc.
  3. Licenses adapted to each sector: Pay per use, product sales and technology sales.
  4. Creating Web 2.0 environments and business software
  5. Virtual stores 2.0
  6. Strategy and analysis: customized solutions
  7. Graphic design and multimedia
  8. Documentary mail, chat, forums, management Collaborative work
  9. Cloud computing: Hosting
  10. Consultancy

Products Palluc

  • Gen-t
  • PDF saver with G-PDF
  • wFirma and jFirma

Reference Technology

  • ExtJS, JSF Primefaces
  • itext, PDF


Management os linguistics application of Lexval for l'AVL: www.avl.gva.es

Desktop application consultation "Toponímic Corpus Valencia" Topoval for AVL: www.avl.gva.es

Web application of grammatical and lexical XML-TEI based management for AVL: www.avl.gva.es

Application for obtaining energy performance certificates of new buildings of the Catalan Generalitat - ICAEN: www.icaen.net

Submission application for teachers of the Police Academy of the Community of Madrid: www.academiapolicia-cm.org