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Liferay-Alfresco implementation



"Liferay Portal is an enterprise web platform to develop business solutions with immediate results and long-term value."


  1. Creating 2.0 webs and enterprise software environments with Liferay, Alfresco or SharePoint
  2. Installation and maintenance of infrastructure and SGBBDD Liferay MySQL, PostreSQL, Oracle and SQLServer
  3. Virtual stores 2.0
  4. Strategy and analysis: customized solutions
  5. Graphic design and multimedia
  6. Domain management and recruitment, transfers and litigation
  7. Marketing and SEO: GEN-t, google integration, etc.
  8. Collaborative work: mail, chat, forums, document management
  9. Cloud computing: Hosting
  10. Consultancy
  11. Outsourcing
Palluc Products
  • Editor X-Word
  • Editor XP-Word
  • eSignature Folder (pSigna)
  • Liferay 5.2 to 6.1
  • Alfresco
  • BD: Oracle, postgreSQL and MySQL


Enterprise Web application records management and budgeting for AVS - Sanitat: www.san.gva.es

Upgradeable prototype electronic auction in real time to the AVS - Sanitat: www.san.gva.es

Health education web portal EVES - Sanitat: www.eves.san.gva.es

Initial release FISABIO AVS website: www.fisabio.es

Prototype of a new portal for the IVE with massive load of HTML data: www.ive.es