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"This software product package is defined for companies want to be Top 10. You will sell more, earn more and be more competitive"


cuadrado y flecha superior TOP 10 SELLER.

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Create you own comunity

Put all your business information on Internet. Tell clients how well you work. Be more findable. Make easy and intuitive web navigation.

Web Platform

Always Updated

Make easy worklife to you clients. Habitually report your new. Be a closer supplier using new technologies.

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Sell worldwide

The market is neither local or national. It is universal. Offer advantages and capabilitie to your customers. We make sure your sales will grow.

Shop online

Focus on clients needs

Do not waste your time on bureaucracy (contracts, letters, quotations, invoices). The less paperwork the more availability for solving customer requests. The time is money.



cuadrado y flecha superior EARN MORE.

Act Description Product of Palluc

Be more agile and faster

If you improve your administrative management of the company, you can be more efficient and productive.Using less resources you can do much more.

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Web Platform

Forget Archiving

The future of companies is directly related to its history. We will get very fast, simple, efficient, accessible and collaborative archiving. Of course, you will not waste space in you office for Folders.

Documents Management

Find all your accessible INFO

The electronic file allows you to organize information and search them easylly. You will not lose anything. Integrated to your document management systems.

Integrated Systems

Always on.

Colaborative work

All the information on Internet. Accessible from anywhere. Share it with collegues and reuse their information



cuadrado y flecha superior MORE COMPETITIVE.

Act Description Product of Palluc

Cut Bureaucracy

Simplify tasks because of the dynamism of the electronic workflow and standardized workflows.


Cut Paperwork

Let the electronic document incorporates all the information, including electronic signature. Reduce use of paper and  let them  be electronically stored on a lasting electronic and standard as the XML. Converte them to any electronic document format: PDF, HTML, DOC, RTF,...

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Use better your resources

Companies waste lot of time on things we can easily do without. Adjust your company processes to the standards of efficiency and competitiveness. 

+ Control
Corporative consultancy

Cut fixed costs

Flexibility of the company is non-negotiable. Make it adaptative and work with pay per use. Be more competitive by using the best professionals at all times.


All in One

Eliminate duplications. Get information being managed intelligently. Customice IT to your company and not other way round. Be more agile, productive and competitive.

Tailored Software

Cloud Computing

Nowadays, companies are worldwid. Work from anywhere and with any support.