GDA: Open Document Managment


"A solution that facilitates secure information exchange and collaborative work of any organization or individual"

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The GDA solution (Open Document Management) of Palluc incorporates portafirmas and document management in one product, providing dynamism to any environment. Click here!!! and you will enjoy it online.

Thanks to the XTF forms, the GDA to define and exploit dynamic forms with integrated electronic signature and visual on the document itself.

If you do not have a digital certificate to sign documents, Palluc gives you one with no obligations: Ulindi Digital Certificate.

This demo lets you interact with the following templates:

  • Blank Document
  • Master Document
  • European Curriculum
  • Vehicle purchase contract
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Basic Invoice
  • Authorized purchase request
  • General application
  • Job board
  • Request diets
  • Work contract
  • Grant power of attorney for telematic procedures

These forms are designed with textual design tool (XP-Word) and exploited by a free universal viewer X-Word.

In a XTF document can be defined: texts, extensible text, tables, pivot tables, form fields, signature fields, form validation, logic of signature, etc.

The XTF documents are convertible to other formats like PDF, RTF, DOC, ODF, HTML, etc., It is because it is based on XML and  there is interoperability between environments.

Once the document XTF generated, it is saved in the Document Manager (in the demo we use Liferay) for any user to interact with it.

With the functionality provided by these environments (the document management systems) anyone can upload their own documents, sign them and share them or send them to any other user to sign.

This solution makes the GDA in a real social network with storage in the cloud with secure sharing of documents with electronic signatures.

For further information you can click on product help.