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"So far ICT has focused on the management and on the Internet. But there is still a lot of bureaucracy cannot get a great work flow between senders and receivers. Lots of paper is used and you suffer from the condemnation of archiving and paperwork"

The Palluc team is innovative. We are not satisfied just being 2.0: we want to be 10. You know everything is Data. So, We are able to create, move, store and exploit intelligently for the best solution.

Palluc just talk about Solutions (combination of technology and services). These are:

  • tic secundario We create and help create any content intelligently, even forms..
  • tic secundario We make the content accessible at any time.
  • tic secundario We make any content to be the Internet and introduce them to the defined workflows.
  • tic secundario We give security to effective use electronic signatures.

Therefore, we do for any content to be an open and intelligent world. At the end of the day, we only facilitate the work of the people. We will make great, quick and easy.

Decide what you want and get the solution Palluc. If you want us to help you to define it, call us and we will be happy to help you.

The solution to their problems is like a tailored suit, so we offer:

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Sell Virtual Shop
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xtf templates
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Improve Consultant's Office
Integration Management Software
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