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"Document scanning is a critical step in managing organizations and companies all information"



  1. Paperless office by scanning tools and direct storage document manager
  2. Use thesaurus for the categorization of scanned items
  3. Implementation and customization managers documentaries based on Alfresco, Liferay and Sharepoint
  4. Life Cycle of t-paper: Creation, exploitation and conversion
  5. Strategy and analysis: customized solutions
  6. Documentary mail, chat, forums, management Collaborative work
  7. Cloud computing: Hosting
  8. consultancy
  9. Outsourcing


Palluc Products
  • Document Scanner
  • Sscanner TWAIN
  • IIS and SQLServer


Web document management application with document scanning module and direct web publishing based on type escanners TWAIN. This application is for internal use Palluc's Group.