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Start-up, empower and win


"These services facilitates for entrepreneurs and self-employees creation or improvement of companies orienting their business to emerging sectors."

Palluc provides entrepreneurs with tools and services that enable them to reverse the situation of your company:

  1. Solutions to overcome the crisis
  2. Creation of new companies
  3. Periodic and personalized information about Aids, allowances and subsidies to European, state and region.
  4. Service management and processing of various types of aid, allowances and subsidies.
  5. Analysis and design of organizational and jobs.
  6. Human resource management companies
  7. Diagnosis of the situation of enterprises and establishments of specific action plans
  8. Training needs analysis and training plan development
  9. Outsourcing Services

If you want Palluc analyze your situation and design a customized strategic plan to create a new company or your company overcom the crisis, do not hesitate to contact us through the various means provided in this web.