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"Your own Digital Signature on Internet without any obligations. All thanks to Ulindi CA, a Palluc’s Certification Authority"


Palluc launches their Certificate Authority (CA) without compromise. Click Here!!! Fill in your invented Nickname, your email and any password. In one step you can access numerous applications based on e-signature.

The Ulindi’s certificates are valid for a month and only serve to electronic signing. Use it either for any e-signature demand or when you are sharing documents you want to track. Generally, it is required both parties to trust Ulindi’s CA.

Ulindi ensures documents are digitally signed by the International Standards.

How It Works

To identify the user it is not needed information that is sensitive or even confidential, as National ID, just work with the user's email.

To verify and prove authentic users, there are these steps detailed below:

It's that easy! You can start checking it through the following link: Ulindi Certificates.

Palluc’s team recommend those Demo applications. Download it. Use it. Test how it works using the advanced electronic signature: