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We present our set of tools whose main purpose is to facilitate the lives of people. Each software has very interesting features that make programs for daily living. They are simple, practical and useful.




Full word processor and Dynamic Forms Editor. Easy to use.

XP-Word is the most compact and simple word processor that exists. It includes what we actually use in day to day. No more is needed. You can also interact with others to create dynamic and intelligent forms. Eliminates the use of paper with the electronic signature. Convert your documents into more standard formats (DOC, PDF, HTML, RTF, ODF).

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Simple and innovative free word processor for paperless.

X-Word is a high productivity tool that incorporates the complete text editing (fonts, tables, images, lists, hyperlinks, etc.), management and interaction with forms and Portafirmas. With it, you can create and edit documents and electronically sign a professional, you can also fill out forms and store their data at the time you want. Available for local environment (desktop application) and Web (supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome).

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Signing PDF documents on your computer

Application intended to sign PDF documents electronically. With an intuitive and simple interface, you can define the formal features of the electronic signature and its graphic representation (logo, image, barcode, code points). Secure ownership of their documents and streamline their work. We eliminating paper contribute to environmental sustainability.

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