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"All information of Palluc accessible to all people. Without barriers, Universal."

One of the tarjet set by Palluc is to put all the information in it available to the largest number of citizens, avoiding exclusion and promoting the accessibility to achieve the universalization of the information. The goal is that everyone can navigate through the pages of this website without encountering access.

Palluc's new portal has been developed for this purpose, with the aim of providing universal access, allow access to different types of users, include clear and structured content and improve navigation and user experience. To do this, from the earliest stages of the project we have worked on the line to adapt the entire web to the recommendations on the implementation of the Accessibility Guidelines established by the W3C (Consortium for the World Wide Web), and more specifically the standard AA .

Our work and our efforts are aimed to continuously keep improving the accessibility of this website, and that is why we hope for your understanding and cooperation and we invite you to help us improve this site by sending your comments and suggestions