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"GesDataForm is a tool created to generate self-assessments. Also telematic administrative processes. It can generate complex telematic webs, shortly and automatically."

The GDF environment of Palluc Group allows users to create telematic web-based application in HTML or PDF forms. It consists of five modules:

  • Data Module: Database management and operation designed for run in Oracle DBMS or DBMS Firebird
  • Management Module: Windows Application developed technology that allows you to design with an intuitive interface for telematic processes that will be available on the website of production set-up.
  • Compilation module: Module developed in JAVA technology that allows you to generate source code to be compiled with the standard Java compiler.
  • Operating Module: functional J2EE Web Portal on Tomcat servers and OC4J that allows access to telematic procedures defined with the management module.
  • Module authentication and electronic signature: Works with Internet Explorer 6 or higher. Electronic (or digital) signature multi-PKI allows GDF sign any file with any certificate corresponding to the structure of public key (.cer) defined by the X.509 standard.

    GDF selects packaged certified according to the standard PKCS # 12 (usually, .p12 or .pcx ) from local or from the cryptographic card.

    The certificates whose information organized in free fields offered by the X.509 standard is displayed correctly.

    The signature component functionality currently supports validation and revocation checking online for certification organizations:ALCCA - GVA, eDNI, FNMT, Camerfirma, CAcert-Gencat and ACA advocacy. These organization can be expanded by hiring our services.

    The cryptographic signature standard that applies GDF is the PKCS # 7 storing the data and signature in an XML, ZIP or PDF of Palluc.

If you need more technical information, please contact us.

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