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"A team of labour lawyers and social graduates provide high quality services in management of Human Resources in your company, at a reasonable cost".

cuadrado y flecha superior Labour Management.

  Preparation of payroll and social security taxes for electronic submission.

Implementation and updating of Conventions and labor standards.

Processing employment registrations, terminations and changes.

Business registration in Social Security and amended (management changes, new codes contribution accounts ...).

Registration in Mutual.

Registrations and cancellations within the Special System for Freelance Workers and other special systems.

Contracts, extensions and renewals, studying the different types and possible grants and bonuses. Notice well in advance of the expiration of contracts.

Risk Prevention Plans.

Management contracts and remuneration.

Quarterly and Annual Declarations. Certifications.

Labor inspections: care, defense, reply to requests, settlements and resources.

Acts of Reconciliation representation in the SMAC and judicial proceedings of the solcial.

Labor audits. Studies personnel costs. Compensation.

Other procedures: working lives, certificates be aware of payment procedures and delays in collection, management contracts and remuneration, job submission, processing of accident reports.


cuadrado y flecha superior  Talent  Selection.


Preparation of the List of Jobs (RPT).

Recruitment and Talent Search.

cuadrado y flecha superior  HR optimization.

Assessment systems productivity.

Human Resource Plans optimization.

Implementation of control and monitoring systems.