flecha Tax Advice


"The optimization of tax costs as well as security in the correct application of tax obligations are indispensable and essential objective in any business. The planning, preliminary analysis, implementation and monitoring are necessary for the viability of any project or organization."

cuadrado y flecha superior  Tax Procedure.

  Tax management, consultations, complaints.

Inspection procedures, testing of various taxes.

Recourse and complaints via administrative economic and administrative litigation.

Disciplinary proceedings.

Collection procedure.


cuadrado y flecha superior  Taxation of Corporations and Companies.

Regular tax analysis during the year and results of the business.

Especial analisy of  the completion of the exercise and establishment of year-end tax review.

Preparation and review of all tax returns.

Query resolution, with or without issuing written report or opinion.

Periodic information on legislative developments affecting the activity of each customer and tax advantages that may pose relevant.

Related party transactions, advising on the preparation of the comparability analysis and necessary for each of these operations documentation.

Tax planning for new companies, groups of companies, investments or business studying the best approach to the economic facts, for within the legal framework, with a low tax economy.

Tax planning and state succession in the family business, analyzing the impact of inheritance tax, family protocols, inheritance, inheritance and gift tax.

Fiscal representation in relations with the Tax Administration and especially with the Inspectorate of Taxes (national, regional, local).

Other actions, local taxes, tax audit, tax consolidation.

Permanent tax advice to national and international groups.

Fusions and acquisitions.

Advice on corporate restructuring.

Advice on deductions for R + D + i.

Consulting reinvestment process.

Advice on non-profit organizations.

cuadrado y flecha superior  Taxation of Individuals

Estate tax planning.

Taxation senior managers.

Taxation of professionals.

International planning.

Estate planning.

cuadrado y flecha superior  VAT and indirect taxes.

Advice and planning indirect taxation.

Assistance in inspections.

Consolidated advisory groups.

Sectoral expert advice on VAT recovery.

cuadrado y flecha superior  Local and Regional Taxation.

Taxes and local charges.

Taxation on regions.

Assistance in local and regional inspections.

Complaints and appeals on municipal and regional levels.